Engine Repair or Replace: What’s Financially Best for Your Vehicle?

A burned-up or worn-out engine will either need to be replaced or given engine repair. If you can do it, engine repair is often the best and most cheap solution. You'll get expert advice from your mechanic as to what to do, and a good faith estimate for both engine repair and replacement as well to help you decide.

An engine overhaul can be time-consuming, which is what leads to the investment being costly. However, once you have the engine repair done, your vehicle will run better than ever and have a whole new appeal. Is engine repair or replacement your best option? Use this guide to help you.

What's wrong with your engine?

Does your vehicle's engine just need a tune-up or need some minor repairs? If so, there's no sense in investing in a whole new engine when engine repairs can be done in a short amount of time and won't cost you a lot of money. If you need to have an entire overhaul done, you'll want to consider the following points to see if engine repair is worth it in the end.

What type of engine do you have?

Is your engine custom-built for your vehicle? Have you put a lot of money into your engine already? Engine repair can be your best option if you have something other than a stock engine. If you have a standard or stock engine, you can consider having it rebuilt or have engine repair, but consider the cost to the next point explained below.

How old is your engine?

Is your engine new? Is your engine just a few years old with not a lot of miles on it? A newer engine has more useful life left in it than an older one, so it makes sense to consider doing engine repair over replacement if this applies to your engine. However, if your vehicle's engine is older and you have other issues with your vehicle such as transmission problems, then it may be best to get an engine replacement instead.

How much will engine repair cost?

The last thing to consider when looking at engine repair versus replacement is cost. If you have an unlimited budget, do what works best for your needs and time frame. If you're limited on both funds and time, then do whichever engine need will fit your budget best and get you your vehicle back as soon as possible. Your auto mechanic will let you know which option is best.

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